Factors Determining the Value of a Personal Injury Case

A lot of people incur personal injuries due to the fault or negligence of others. Although the law entitles the victim to receive compensation from the defaulter, it is advised to find out the value of the injury claim beforehand to avoid problems later. Read the below guidelines if you don’t have information on determining the value of a personal injury case.

Personal Injury Case

What determines the worth of your claim?

Three important factors establish how much your injury case is worth – liability, damages and insurance coverage. The first factor is liability, which means fault. If you are at fault for the incident that resulted in the injury, you won’t be able to make any claim. On the flip side, if you get hurt in an accident due to another person’s fault, the worth of your claim is pretty strong. If you are partially at fault for the accident, you could still make a partial claim.

Severity of damages is the second factor that affects the worth of the claim. In case you don’t get hurt (no damages) in an accident, you won’t get any sum as a claim. On the other hand, serious damages warrant a higher claim.

The third important factor that decides the claim amount is the insurance coverage carried by the defaulting person. If the person at fault carries no insurance, you won’t get any compensation. As opposed to this, you stand a good chance of receiving a bigger sum if the defaulter has a high insurance cover.

However, the actual sum that you can claim from the defaulter largely depends on how you dispute your case. If you miss out a single important point, you may miss out the claim amount. This is why it is advised to hire the expertise of a respected personal injury attorney to battle your case, determine the claim value and get better compensation.

Bottom line

Determining the value of a personal injury case is paramount to getting higher compensation for your injuries and sufferings. While many online calculators are available to estimate the worth of your claim, it is best to rely on a reputable injury lawyer. With a respected attorney by your side, you could get the best possible claim amount in a lot less time.