What is Private Mediation?

Mediation is a form of alternative dispute resolution. So, what is private mediation? It is a way for two opposing parties to settle a dispute without going to court and having a jury hear a case without the help of reliable Los Angeles injury attorneys.

Private MediationPersonal injury claims sometimes take the route of mediation, if it’s thought the parties can work out a satisfactory agreement for compensation. But, it will require the expertise and skill of someone licensed, like a Car accident lawyer Glendale┬áto practice personal injury law. Just as with a trial, the opposing party may use unsavory tactics to intimidate the injured party, if knowledgeable representation is not available.

When an individual is involved in a personal injury, he or she deserves compensation for any pain, suffering, lost wages, and related expenses. Only a skilled legal professional can help get adequate compensation. If private mediation is something both parties are interested in, having legal representation is still a good idea.

Insurance companies have skilled and experienced lawyers on their side. Before sitting down for mediation with a legal representative and the party responsible, it is advisable to seek the advice and guidance of a personal injury lawyer. A lawyer can determine how much a case can be pursued. A lawyer knows what questions to ask and the type of information needed to review the case. A lawyer understands the hardships a person faces after a personal injury, regardless of the cause. A personal injury attorney knows how to go about seeking adequate compensation, whether the injury is minor or severe and debilitating.

Mediation is a good way to resolve issues, when it comes to personal injury law. The courts are freed up for other cases. Mediation can greatly reduce court costs, freeing more money for the injured party. It also speeds up the process, because the parties don’t have to wait for a court date to work out a proper compensation agreement. This type of resolution is legal and in some jurisdictions, in actually encouraged. Lawyers are often familiar with the mediation process. A professional personal injury lawyer can explain the steps or how the mediation works. The lawyer will speak with the legal counsel of the other party, to set up a convenient time.

While mediation is less formal than a trial, it is still a legal remedy to a dispute or a case. It can save time and money. But, having the representation of a skilled personal injury attorney is still advised, to get the right compensation and help navigate the resolution process. Many mediation cases do not go before a judge. They are sometimes facilitated by a paralegal or court representative, but don’t require a jury or the use of a court room, to work out the terms and details of the resolution everyone is satisfied with.

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