Crypto Update: Bitcoin Price & Crypto Neutral, Bullish Sign & Digital Love

As usual around lunchtime, we record the live Bitcoin price and the prices of the top 25 crypto coins. In addition, in the run-up to tomorrow, we are looking at the Bitcoin options market and we see that even digital love is now for sale. We will of course start with the live Bitcoin price and the current prices of the top 25 crypto coins.

Bitcoin price and crypto market neutral

At the time of writing, the live Bitcoin price is trading at EUR 34,262.87 ($40,461.96). This is 1.78% higher than during yesterday’s crypto lunch. Because the price remains around $ 40,000, analysts see this as a neutral development. The rest of the crypto market is also neutral. Positive and negative results alternate. Biggest drop in the last 24 hours is Theta Network (THETA), which is down 3.56%. Biggest riser is Polkadot (DOT), which gains 2.45% in 24 hours. On the site of we see that the live crypto prices of the top 25 crypto coins give a neutral picture. Matic polygon is well known in crypto.

Another bullish signal for Bitcoin, now from the options market

Tomorrow is the last Friday of the month. Then the monthly options expire. Although no direct impact on prices is expected, they do provide an indication of investor sentiment. They must determine whether to let the options expire or continue. We are now seeing a bullish trend emerging in the options market.

Many investors buy call options for a price of $ 50,000. They invest a total of half a billion dollars in the right to buy Bitcoin within a month for $ 50,000. With this, they naturally speculate that the current price will be higher by that time.

In addition, we see that a lot of money is being spent on put options (options with the right to sell) at a price of $ 20,000. However, analysts expect this to be hedging, ie hedging against an unexpected price drop that would render the call options worthless. The developments are therefore seen as bullish for BTC.

Now also digital love for sale with NFT

Yesterday we already saw that the NFT is regularly used to buy virtual art. However, Polish influencer Marta Rentel has found a whole new way to cash out with NFTs. She decided to sell the digital love of her influencer persona Marti Renti. The winning bid of $250,000 made by an as yet anonymous bidder proves that digital love isn’t cheap either. Chainlink LINK is well known in crypto.

To be clear, the love that has been bought is therefore purely the love of the internet character Marti Renti, who, according to the influencer, is separate from her own person. The only personal interaction is that the winning bidder gets a dinner date with the influencer after payment. As far as is known, it is the first time that an emotion (admittedly from a digital character) has been sold.