Why You Need An Entertainment Attorney

Entertainment AttorneyEntertainment law usually refers to the motion picture industry but it also coves television, music, publishing and the theatre. These industries are vital to the economy because they employ millions of people and contribute to knowledge and development. A lawyer that specializes in entertainment law is called an entertainment lawyer. This legal expert helps clients with matters like securities, patents, labor law, copyright, privacy and publicity. Below are some ways an entertainment lawyer can help his or her clients.

Copyright Protection
This is one of the most important matters an entertainment attorney handles for clients. Copyright protection is vital to the success of the entertainment industry. When writers, painters, musicians and photographers create new products like books, songs, paintings and pictures, these works are protected by law from piracy and use by authorized people. Copyright protection also ensures that creative artists and entertainers get financial rewards for their works. The creator of a literary or artistic work is protected for 75 years from the publication date or 100 years from the creation date of the work. In cases where there is an infringement of copyright, the entertainment lawyer will help the copyright owner get redress in a court of competent jurisdiction. In this case, the court may award punitive damages against the offender and compel the party at fault to pay compensation.

Employment Law and Labor Law
Entertainment law is also connected to labor law and employment law. In cases where there are disputes over wages, appearance fees, royalties and other related matters, the entertainment lawyer will step in to help his or her client. Entertainment law explained to the average person can be quite complicated. This is why many people in the entertainment industry need the service of an expert in this aspect of the law.

Negotiating New Contracts
Entertainment law is not all about seeking redress for infringements. Experts in this aspect of the law can help clients negotiate new contracts, enforce existing contracts or get out of an inconvenient contract. A smart entertainment lawyer is vital for people in this industry. Get a competent and experienced attorney and you will have peace of mind.

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